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Hi there, my name is Tiffani and I run the Wubbs & Lovey blog. This blog is all about infertility, fertility, pregnancy, being a mom and babies. I got the inspiration when I was pregnant with my first child. While doing research, especially for my baby registry, I was overwhelmed with the options and not having any idea where to start. There was so much information and also lack of information on certain things and I wanted to provide a place for first time moms to get what they need. I also struggle from infertility. My journey of starting a family took almost 4 years and while I was going through this, there was not a lot of real information or detailed stories that I could relate to. I want to share my experience with couples going down this road. To read my journey start here.

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Even miracles take a little bit of time…

-Cinderellas Fairy God Mother

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