Second IVF Transfer Cycle: Part One

Second IVF Transfer Cycle: Part One

We did our second IVF Transfer Cycle and I wanted to share our journey with anyone about to go through this process as well. I had several friends that had done it already and it was nice to have a heads up.

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ivf Transfer Cycle. What to expect from a frozen embryo transfer cycle.


Because I had a cesarian and the post birth hospital stay (more on that later), the Doc wanted to make sure everything looked ok before starting the process again. On Day 6 of this cycle I went in for routing blood tests and had a biopsy of my uterus and a saline ultrasound.

They filled my uterus with saline to make it blow up like a ballon and the doctor can see inside better and examine the uterine lining. It was a little uncomfortable but nothing compared to some of the other procedures I have endured over the years. Everything came back fine and we are on schedule for the Frozen Transfer cycle next month.


We started the process 11 months after I had my son based on the recommendation of our Doctor. This process started with a consult with our Doc to review my history and go over what the process will be like the second go around. We started out with four frozen embryos and have three left. 


We are doing an LH Timed Frozen IVF Transfer Cycle, which means hopefully my body (and uterine lining) will just do its thing preparing for a normal egg release. When I did the first transfer, we started out with the more traditional process which includes meds up front. It backfired and we had to cancel everything that cycle and start again the following month.

We then did an LH Timed transfer and my body reacted much better and I got pregnant. So this time around we are going with that same plan.

Month Three: Week One

First scan on Day 3 of cycle, both sides are resting, things look fine, go back in a week. 

Month Three: Week Two

Week 2: Scan on Day 10, one follicle is at a 12, uterine lining is a 7 something, things are looking good. I have to start testing for ovulation twice a day. If I get a positive test I call the office, if not go back in on Day 13.

Here is the kit that I use for Ovulation and Pregnancy tests.

The Doc always recommends that you use one of the name brand ones (they supposedly work better). I have been ovulation testing for almost 4 years, so I stopped buying the expensive ones a long time ago. If you want to go with a name brand one, here is the doctor recommended tests: First Response Ovulation Kit.

However, once I do get a positive, I go out and buy a digital one that will show the word PREGNANT on it. Thats the one I take photos of and show people 🙂 For that I use this one: ClearBlue Digital Pregnancy Test.

That night I did a test and it didn’t look positive, but in the morning the second line had darkened. (Hence why they all say don’t read after 5 mins…) I started panicking and testing every couple hours, hoping I didn’t miss the surge. The second line on the test was getting lighter, so the following morning I called the office and they said to come in and check.

I had not ovulated yet, follicle had grown to an 18 and uterine lining was a 9. The doc told me to continue the ovulations tests, and he anticipated that I would get a surge within the next 48 hours. He scheduled a blood test for three days later and if I got the positive test to call in sooner.

Sure enough the following night I got a surge (Day 13) and 24 hours later it was still very positive. I went in for a blood test the following morning (Day 15) and then repeated it the next day. I had ovulated on Day 14 as expected. 

Month Three: Week Three

The transfer is scheduled for one week after Ovulation, Day 21. On Day 16 I start the meds, here is what the med protocol looks like:

  • ESTROGEN: Estrace (estradiol) 2 mg, twice a day. This will continue post transfer (if I become pregnant)
  • PROGESTERONE: Endometrin 100 mg, twice a day. This will continue post transfer (if I become pregnant)
  • ANTIBIOTIC: Doxycycline 100 mg, twice a day with breakfast and dinner for 5 days

On Day 19, I went in for my last scan to make sure my lining had not broken down at all. They do the usual blood test and all looked great. Lining is at an 11, which the Doc told me was “beautiful”. 🙂

Here is the calendar of my IVF Transfer Cycle:

IVF Transfer Cycle, LH Timed Frozen Embryo Transfer Sample calendar or schedule

Please Note: every transfer cycle is different, including timing and med regimens, this is just a sample schedule based off my own experience and doing an LH Timed Transfer Cycle. Please consult your doctor for specifics.


As a reminder, the products I talked about above are my go to Ovulation/Pregnancy Test Kit, the doctor recommended Ovulation Tests and my preferred Digital Pregnancy Tests.

For the Day of the transfer and Week 4 of my IVF Transfer Cycle, click here.


Second IVF Transfer Cycle: Part One

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