Second IVF Transfer Cycle: Part Three

Second IVF Transfer Cycle: Part Three

I am pregnant! For those who have been following my journey, I did a Frozen Embryo IVF Transfer Cycle last month. My initial at home pregnancy tests and subsequent blood tests confirmed that the transfer worked, and I am indeed pregnant! To catch up on my journey start here.

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Frozen Embryo IVF Transfer Cycle Journey Continued, Part Three:

IVF Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle. What to expect after a frozen embryo transfer.

Day 28, At Home Pregnancy Test

On day 28 I couldn’t wait any longer so I took an at home pregnancy test. I used the Pregnancy Test Strips I mentioned in previous posts to start. I saw just the faintest pink line, it was so light that you almost couldn’t see it. 24 hours later I took another one and it was only slightly darker. On Day 30 I confirmed it with the Clear Blue Digital Version next. This one said PREGNANT! So I knew it had worked.

Digital Pregnancy Test showing positive pregnancy.

Day 31, Blood Test

On Day 31 I went in for my scheduled blood test. The nurse called a few hours later to tell me the good news and give me my HCG levels. The goal of the HCG level is to not only be in the range, but increase or double within 48-72 hours later. They scheduled my second blood test for two days later (Day 33). To read more about HCG levels and why they are important in this process, click here.

The American Pregnancy Association HCG levels during pregnancy chart by pregnancy week
The American Pregnancy Association HCG levels

The second blood test confirmed the increase in HCG levels, so I was off to a good start. From there I was scheduled for my first ultrasound at 6 weeks along. In the meantime, I took 6 more pregnancy tests to make sure the pink line was getting darker. 🙂

Per the doctor I am to continue the Estrogen and Progesterone as originally prescribed until further notice.

  • ESTROGEN: Estrace (estradiol) 2 mg, twice a day.
  • PROGESTERONE: Endometrin 100 mg, twice a day.
HCG Pregnancy Tests showing the pink line getting darker and the HCG level rising

My Fertility office allows spouses for transfer procedures and ultrasounds so my husband was able to come to all the Ultrasounds. The first one went great, no heartbeat yet, but the doctor saw what he needed to and was pleased with the progress.

6 weeks, 1st Ultrasound

Around the 6 week mark I also started feeling super nauseas. It started out slow but ramped up and was much worse than my other pregnancies.

7.5 weeks, 2nd Ultrasound

My second Ultrasound was 10 days later at about 7.5 weeks and we heard the heartbeat! Such a relief to hear that sound. One of the hard parts about getting to have ultrasounds in the very beginning is that while yes, you get to see the little peanut early, you don’t usually hear the heartbeat right away. This can cause anxiousness, at least for me, especially when you have had a miscarriage before.

When someone who gets pregnant naturally goes to their first OB appointment, its usually around the 8-9 week mark and the heartbeat is apparent right away. In all of my pregnancies I have never heard the heartbeat on the first ultrasound, so that waiting period till the second or even third visit is excruciating. I can’t really relax until you hear that sound…

IVF Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle. Pregnancy Ultrasound, 7 and a half weeks

You can’t see much on the ultrasound, just the dotted line you see which is determining the Gestational Age = 7w5d (7 weeks, 5 days)

At every appointment they do a blood draw and it was at this appointment that they told me to continue Vitamin D supplements. I’ve had to take this for every pregnancy. Usually iron at some point as well.

9 weeks, 3rd Ultrasound

My third ultrasound was scheduled for two weeks later (week 9) and it was then that I “graduated” from the fertility specialists and was released to my regular OB. My doctor sent all my information over to the OB for review. It was a bittersweet moment as we have spent the last several years visiting this office on a regular basis, sometimes multiple days per week. I have had more appointments/visits with my fertility specialist than probably every doctor in my whole life put together. Its strange saying goodbye to a doctor who has helped you so much and you (hopefully) will never have to see again.


That about wraps up my experience with my Second IVF Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle. For more info on what to expect and my must have items and products in your First Trimester, click here.

As a reminder, the products I talked about above are my go to Pregnancy Test Kit and Digital Pregnancy Tests.

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Second IVF Transfer Cycle: Part Three

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