Best Maternity Clothes For All Trimesters!

Best Maternity Clothes For All Trimesters!

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Welcome to the Best Maternity Clothes For All Trimesters Post! This one is near and dear to my heart as I have spent the the past 4 years collecting and (returning) all the best maternity clothes I could find. I am huge on comfort and wanted to utilize as much of my normal clothes as possible. I also wanted items that you could wear after delivery for those postpartum recovery months.

Below is my list of the best maternity clothes core essentials and just some general comfortable items that you will be able to use long after you are done with this stage of your life. Happy Shopping!

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I will start out by saying I live in leggings and joggers pretty much year around anyway, so if thats your jam, then not much has to change during pregnancy! haha. You will see a lot of these type of items on my list for sure. But the beauty of them is they can go with almost anything. You can dress them up or down and are a great staple in your maternity clothes closet 🙂

Leggings Note: You might want to buy two sizes. One for the first half of your pregnancy and one for the second half. But don’t buy the larger size up front. Buy for your current size when you get pregnant and then around the 20-25 week mark, reevaluate and see how you feel. I don’t like anything super tight so I have two sizes. It doesn’t mean that you necessarily gained a lot of weight, it’s just the pressure around your mid section in the third trimester can be really uncomfortable. Especially if you are dealing with heartburn, gas pain or constipation and the last thing you want is to wear super tight clothing around this area!

One thing I learned about pregnancy leggings over the years is the difference in where the elastic is placed in the stomach panel. I tried tons of leggings and some had a more typical elastic band at the very top of the stomach panel and that was AWFUL! I recommend steering clear of any maternity leggings like that. The ones that I recommend below do not have that. H&M are the best.

Joggers Note: Same sort of concept as above, the only difference is that you can usually get away with wearing non-maternity joggers (depending on how tight you like them to fit normally) until somewhere in between weeks 12 and 20. I know that is a large span of time, but it really depends on your body, how much weight you gain and when your belly pops. I was able to get away with regular clothes a lot longer the first time around. For second and third pregnancies your baby bump comes quicker sometimes.

Jeans Note: I have found these to be a little different. I bought Maternity jeans during the second trimester, got them a little big and they lasted throughout all my pregnancies. It could just be the brand that I got, I’m not sure, but I did have pretty good luck with some stretchy maternity “jeggings” and didn’t have to get a size up later on.

So with all that being said, here are my maternity clothes recommendations:


The first trimester you will not need that much to start. A few basic items that will extend the life of your regular clothes for the most part, and then maybe a few comfy items for now and then long term after you deliver. If you are feeling uncomfortable in your regular pants then skip to the Second & Third Trimester section earlier!

Leggings Depot Joggers: (Non-Maternity, good for first trimester, post delivery and year around) I love these and wear them year around when I am not pregnant. They lasted me through my throughout my first trimester and a month into my second. You definitely can’t beat the price. My current pregnancy I started showing a lot sooner and I was not able to get away with wearing my normal clothes as long. I ordered a size up from what I usually would (that goes for pre/post pregnancy as well). Always read reviews for sizing on amazon!

Champion Joggers: (Non-Maternity, good for first trimester, post delivery and year around) I like these a lot too, they are more fitted but still comfortable for the first trimester, and also post pregnancy once the baby bump goes down. I would buy one size up though or try two sizes and return whichever one doesn’t fit. Sometimes thats the key too shopping for clothes on Amazon.

Motherhood Maternity Leggings: Motherhood Maternity is the “mothership” (haha) of Maternity clothes, so you really can’t go wrong. It’s just all about sizing as usual. Read the reviews and look for people who actually post their height/weight and what size they bought during which trimester so you can compare your body. I also recommend getting Motherhood Maternity clothes on Amazon instead of their website directly because most of the time because its mostly returnable on Amazon.

Motherhood Maternity Cropped Leggings: Cropped version of the ones above. Great for either the warmer months or even in the winter because a lot of women run hot, especially in the last trimester and after. If you breastfeed or pump it will continue on for a long time. I am about to have my second baby with only 21 months in between the two and to be honest, my internal temp has never gone back to normal.

H&M MAMA Leggings: I have collected several pairs of these and love them even when I am not pregnant. They have the full coverage panel for when you are really pregnant and then it just folds over when you are not. I like the support it gives when you are not pregnant as well. You can’t really wear them folded over with a tight fitting shirt, but I don’t own super tight tops to begin with so this is no problem for me, haha! These come in two packs, which I definitely recommend investing.

H&M MAMA Maternity Leggings

MAMA 2-pack Capri Leggings: Capri versions of the leggings above. I recommend getting the cropped versions as well if you run hot, if you are still exercising in your second and third trimester or are pregnant throughout the summer. It’s nice to have something a little cooler.

H&M MAMA Maternity Cropped Leggings


Liu & Qu Maternity Women’s Casual Pants: For the Second Trimester I definitely recommend getting actual Maternity Joggers. These are fantastic and I wish I had found them sooner. I would definitely recommend investing in several of these, especially if its your first pregnancy and you plan to have more than one. They are so comfortable and can be worn out, lounging or even double as pajamas. They have two packs which will save you a bit of money. I live in them and love them so much!

Motherhood Maternity Sleep Shorts: Also fantastic, can’t go wrong with these. I had my son in the month of May and I was so warm the last couple of months, this was all I could wear around the house. Sleep shorts, a loose tank top and compression socks. It was quite a sight! 🙂 They are so cheap, I would get a few of them.

IWOLLENCE Women’s Waffle Knit Tunic: I have this in multiple colors and just bought one size bigger. It’s already an oversized more flowy top/sweater and is great to wear with leggings or joggers. It works for pregnancy and after. I am all about clothes that I can wear long after I am done being pregnant. This top is so comfortable and I will probably buy more in a smaller size as well to have more options! It is definitely more sweater like, just fyi.

POSHGLAM Women’s Maternity Top: This comes in short sleeve and long sleeve and I have them both! I love these, not tight at all, a flowy shirt that looks good for pregnancy, post delivery and beyond. Is super comfortable and comes in a lot of colors. A great staple for your maternity wardrobe, wear it by itself, or pair with a cardigan/open sweater for colder months.

POSHGLAM Women’s Maternity Pants for Work: If you have to dress up a bit for work, these are great. Super comfortable and can be dressed up or down, come in several colors as well. I like the ankle pant version better than the boot cut because I am tall, so they were just a bit short on me and didn’t look good. I have a harder time with full length pants if I can’t get them in a “tall” version, so the ankle length pants are always great for me because it doesn’t really matter how long they are. ( I am 5’8 for reference) You can wear these with heels, boots, flats, etc. Check out the bootcut version as well if you are under 5’7 or so.

Motherhood Maternity Jeggings: Super comfortable and flattering. I would probably buy one size up from what you would normally wear and they should last you throughout the whole pregnancy. But always check the reviews for people who post with their actual sizes for reference. I would recommend all of Motherhood Maternity pants and shorts here.

MAMA 2-pack Jersey Tops Long Sleeve: I like to have a couple of essential items that are more fitted that are good for layering especially if you are pregnant in colder months. If you like to show off your baby bump then fitted is obviously the way to go as well. Definitely get the two packs when offered!

H&M MAMA Maternity Long Sleeve Shirts

MAMA 2-pack Jersey Tops Short Sleeve: Short sleeve version of the top above. Get a couple staple items that are plain and fitted that you can wear with anything, use for layering and can be worn over and over. Pair it with a different cardigan and different style of pant and you have a different outfit every day! Also great for lounging as well.

H&M MAMA Maternity Short Sleeve Shirts

MAMA 2-pack Nursing Tank Tops: When it comes to tank tops I always recommend you just get nursing tank tops from the very beginning. It doesn’t make much sense to buy “maternity” tanks and then have to buy “nursing” tanks after the baby comes. You might as well just buy once and use throughout. If you find the right ones they should last you for both. Nursing tanks are built to accommodate your belly as well because you don’t drop the belly bump immediately after giving birth, so nursing tank tops are equipped for that.

H&M MAMA Maternity Nursing Tank Tops


Compression Socks: If you have not already purchased Compression Socks I highly recommend that you do in the beginning of the Third Trimester. These help tremendously, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet. I wore them routinely by the third trimester and for a long time after delivery. Your feet stay can stay swollen for quite some time, especially if you have a C-Section. They come in many different colors and patterns as well.

Hanes Wirefree Bra: I LOVE these bras and actually wear them even when I am not pregnant or breastfeeding. So comfortable and double as nursing bras as well. Perfect for sleeping and lounging. No underwire, they are basically a more comfortable sportsbra.

Push Up Bralette: For those of you who do not enjoy underwire bras, these are great for going out of the house. Work for pregnancy and nursing. Little more shape and padding to them.

Belly Band: These are great if you want to keep wearing your regular clothes for awhile but are experience any bloating or your belly has started to grow. Instead of using a hair band to keep your pants closed, use this layering belly band. It will also let you keep wearing shorter shirts longer. Please note: this is not for support, its to extend the length of time you can wear your regular clothing. More on support bands in the Third Trimester Must Haves post!

Bra Extenders: You will probably be able to wear your normal bras pretty far into the pregnancy with the help of these handy little bra extenders.

Motherhood Maternity Shaper Panty: These are great for wearing underneath dresses in the third trimester. Keeps your legs from chafing and getting irritated. Especially if your third trimester is in the warmer months.

MAMA Line: Underwear, Bras, Tights and Support Items: I would recommend browsing this whole page. I love the MAMA hipster briefs for during pregnancy and then after as well. Please note, if you have a C-section, these will not be good to wear during postpartum recovery. You will need special underwear for that, see additional info on C-section postpartum clothing.

H&M MAMA Maternity Briefs


Skechers Women’s Easy Going Slip On Clog: These have great support, are super comfortable and are slip ons! I was looking for a really good pair of indoor/outdoor slippers that had support and didn’t want to spend a fortune on Uggs. My go to shoe brand is skechers and I came across these and tried them out. While they don’t have a furry inside, they have been a lifesaver while pregnant. They are now my go to shoe at home instead of slippers, thats how comfortable they are.

Skechers Women’s Summits-Quick Getaway Sneaker: These are my go to sneakers now as well. Even when I am not pregnant, the whole having to tie shoelaces thing is very over-rated 🙂 I am all about quick and easy, slip on shoes and these are super comfortable, super lightweight and come in lots of different colors, I have two pairs and love them.

Women’s Cross Band Open Toe Slippers: For the warmer months when you need some more breathability. I like these in the summer when its too warm to wear other slippers.

Donpapa Womens Fluffy Skippers: Super comfy fuzzy slippers for around the house.


Thanks for reading my Best Maternity Clothes for all Trimesters Blog Post!

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Best Maternity Clothes For All Trimesters!Best Maternity Clothes For All Trimesters!Best Maternity Clothes For All Trimesters!

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